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We Are Elite Sports
Helping build partnerships for Brands with Football, Rugby and Cricket Clubs

We Are Elite Sports
Shirt, Stadium, Betting, Travel, Drinks and other Partners

We Are Elite Sports
Generating MASS exposure for your BRAND

About Elite Sports

Delivering high quality partnerships in sport

Elite Sports Marketing was created to help brands find the right sports organisation to help them gain mass exposure across the globe. We work with sports clubs across the globe which means can always find the right fit for any brand.

Our goal is to work with brands and sports clubs to generate powerful messages, brand awareness, and increasing revenue.

Partnership Opportunities include, but not limited to...:

Front of Shirt

One of the major sponsorship opportunities puts your business front and centre, gaining exposure not only to fans at games, but will also include exposure through TV coverage.

Inventory is at its best here, including social media access, LED advertising, database access, design campaigns in stadium and to the local community.

Official Partner

Become the Official sector partner of the club, as an example, The "Official Destination Partner" , Clubs will generate inventory that fits the sector, given you great expsoure to your target market, this could include in-game events and other projects.

Stadium Naming Rights

A guaranteed way of getting your brand mentioned, on TV and dispalyed locally. Clubs up and down the leagues are looking for Naming Rights Partners, let us help you choose the right one, for the right reasons.

Club Purchase

You must love your sport !!! this is not for the faint hearted and you will need a lot of money to make this a success, but if you are ready to take on possibly the biggest challenge of your life, we can help.


Do you want to bring some of the biggest clubs to you? Consider a Pre Season Tournament, get some of the best teams in the world to come to your country to play infront of huge crowds, gaining exposure for your location to the world via TV exposure.

How does it all work?

We will work with you to understand what you want to achieve, what exposure you want, and where, and to who, and work with the club to generate the right partnership to make that happen.

Club Purchase

Taking control of a Sports club

We work with businesses and individuals looking to purchase sports clubs in the UK.

You should consider several things when purchasing a club, the cost, investment required once purchased, any debts, and contractual obligations.

We will work with you to get through this minefield as well as work with you on due dilligence before signing any deal.

We will get your purchase of to the best start.

Front of Shirt

Gaining mass exposure to millions

Whether its via Live TV, Highlights, or just walking down the street, fans will be promoting your brand wherever they go.

Front of shirt Sponsorship is one of the biggest success stories for most brands.

Talk to us about what it takes and what you get for your front of shirt sponsorship.

Official Partnerships

Exclusive Partnerships

If you are looking for a lower cost, or a local targeted campaign then Official Partnerships could be what you are looking for.

Be the only Sector partner with the club, any sector can do this, and the expsoure will be higher than most relationships outside sport given the coverage via TV and online social media.

We will work with you to build a project that could include social media, in stadium events, offsite events and much more.


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Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, MMA, Basketball we cover it alll

Make your mark, gain expsoure, generate revenue

Base the success of any campaign on the final results

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